The Latest from the Home Run

Ballarat's got plenty of great live music in the week ahead

To quote that great philosopher Madonna: "Music makes the people come together." And there's plenty of great music here in Ballarat over the coming week.  Take a squz and see if any of these gigs interest you. Then, to again quote the philosophical teachings of Madonna: "Let your body move to the music (move to the music). Hey, hey, hey."

Friday Jan 4:

After the cycling wraps up today, wander down to The Lane at the George for a great double feature. First on the bill is Rob Baron. Here's a taster if you've not heard him before:


 Then for the main course, it's the Surf Coast's Brodie Farlech (also of 2 Fat 2 Skate). 


Wednesday Jan 9:

Literary puns and rock history - it's an intellectual melting pot at Karova Lounge as local boy DJ Salinger pays tribute to the life and music of David Bowie. 


 Saturday, Jan 12:

Local "retro-edged pop rock" band Crepes have a new album and are ready to celebrate at The Eastern before touring up the east coast. The disc, called 'In Cahoots' was recorded live, so you know these guys can put on a stellar show. Here's a taster for you, their new tune 'Dark Demons':