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Here's how your favourite singers celebrated New Year's

It doesn't take much to have a great New Year's. Hitting the Bluey or a house party or even going to bed is a great way to see in the New Year. But when celebs have access to stupid amounts of money and social media teams, they like to take their New Year's Eve celebrations next level. Here's how some of them celebrated.

Beyonce decided, like half of your friends probably did too, that the best way to sum up 2018 was with an Insta post. And so she's taken all her favourite bits of the year and mashed them into one crazy fast video. Next time someone decides they want to show you photos of their holiday or their cat, hopefully they can take some inspiration from Beyonce and do it like this.


 Demi Lovato had some very troubling experiences in 2018,  but she closed out the year with a message of hope on her Insta story.


 Camilla Cabello, who had a massive 2018 with the release of , got full D&M on her final Tweet for the year.


 And Kanye West, who hinted yesterday that a presidential run might be coming in 2024, decided to follow in our current President's footsteps, taking to Twitter for a looooooooong series of posts.






 Miley Cyrus, freshly married and currently on honeymoon with her whole family-in-law, gave the world (and hubby Liam Hemsworth) this heads up.


Shout outs are in order to Guns and Roses for this epic New Year's art piece. Word is they're working on new tunes, so let's hope they're even half as good as this.


 And more shout outs to Pink for giving Aus a New Year's mention. 


 Hanson's New Year's message kinda sounds like what you leave on your parents' voicemail after the clock strikes midnight.



And finally, Ariana Grande shared with us her unique 2018 brand of sweary good will.


...before replying to the question "Who's Ariana dating now?" with this:



We'll give the last words to Post Malone, on stage in New York's Times Square at midnight (another language warning).



Happy New Year indeed.