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Rebel Wilson joins our museum of epic celeb photobombs


Rebel Wilson

Getting photobombed by a random might give you a chuckle when you look back at it. But getting photobombed by a celebrity? That pic is going straight to the mantle piece.

And that's what happened to Rebel Wilson overnight. Out enjoying front row seats at a Lakers game with bff (and fellow actor) Hugh Sheridan, the two decided to take a pic to mark the occasion. Little did they know that lurking in the background was LeBron James himself.


 Sure, there's the chance it might have been staged, but if you look closely at the pic, LeBron is blurry, still in movement from coming into the shot. That being said, those bunny ears are solid as a rock.

Real or not, the photo has earned a place in the great gallery of celebrity photo bombs. Let's take a second to reflect on some of these. 

Firstly, there's Prince Harry photobombing the heck out of America's Next Top Model's Winnie Harlow - I wish the Queen would do this from time to time as well.


 Our next portrait is this exquisite piece of photobombing work from a shirtless Chris Hemsworth.


 Benedict Cumberbach going above and beyond to photobomb Meryl Streep is a thing of beauty.


And hats off to Bill Murray, photobombing Selena Gomez while looking like his undead character from Zombieland.