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Kanye gets rightfully and hillariously called out for his bad crowd behaviour


Kanye West & Jay-Z | Watch The Throne Tour | Gelredome Arnhem, Netherlands | June 15

We've all seen it: people face down on their phone while sitting in the audience of a show, concert or movie. And with the screen glowing and the hum of the phone vibrating, everyone knows they're doing it - both on stage and in the audience.

Well, one person has decided to spectacularly call out an audience member on their phone.  And what makes this super great is that person was on stage, while the audience member was Kanye West.

Yesterday, Kanye and Kim Kardashian were VIP guests at the opening night of 'The Cher Show', though at times Kanye seemed far more interested in his phone than the show. So Jarrod Spector, the actor playing Sonny Bono, had a brilliant idea to really get his attention: send a message to his phone via Twitter.


The Tweet quickly gathered momentum, with plenty of Tweeters backing up Spector.



And clearly Kanye got the message. After the show, he posted this.


 You've gotta love it when the internet itself tells you that it's time to log off.