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Celebrities line up to praise Ariana's 'thank u next' vid

When the music video for Ariana Grande's 'thank u, next' dropped on Saturday, the internet went into meltdown. From homages to Mean Girls, Suddenly 30 and Legally Blonde, to celeb cameos from Jennifer Coolidge, Kris Jenner and more, there was a lot to unpack here.


And suprisingly, some of the video's biggest fans were the original stars from the films being referenced. 

Firstly, Lindsay Lohan gave Ariana what I think is a compliment, though it may be more of a brag.


But there was nothing but praise of the highest order from the Mean Girls Twitter account.


 As for 'Legally Blonde', there's this massive pat on the back from Elle Woods herself, Reese Witherspoon. 


 Wow, so how do you reply to such high praise? With gushing appreciation of course.


In fact, Reese was so impressed, she even posted to her Instagram - fingers crossed we can see an Ariana cameo when Legally Blonde 3 hits cinemas in 2020.


 And then there's 'Suddenly 30', or '13 Going on 30' as it was called everywhere in the world except Australia (for some completely inexplicable reason). Jennifer Garner has melted hearts in a lot of cheesy rom coms, and she does it again with this lovely Insta post.


And co-star Mark Ruffalo turns out to be a bit of a fan too. 


 When you get a warm hearted social media story like this, you just have to celebrate it.