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18 years later, Artemis Fowl is finally hitting the big screens with an epic trailer

It's an era where Hollywood seems to be taking any popular book - particularly kids' books - and turning them into blockbusters, so you've gotta wonder why it took them so long to make this one.

In 2001, the world first met Artemis Fowl - the boy genius who kidnaps a fiary for ransom money. And now, after seven sequels and eighteen years , Eoin Colfer's novel is finally getting the big screen treatment. 

Actually, a film adaptation was proposed back in '01, a script was ready to go, but the film got stuck in limbo between financers, creatives and production companies - that place Hollywood calls 'Development Hell'. They finally got their act together in 2013 (yep, this film's spent six years in the pipeline) but there were more problems to come. Co-producing the film with Disney was Harvey Winestein, who Disney understandably booted in September last year. And now, all these years later, the film's finally ready to go.

But don't let all those troubles put you off - there is a lot of talent which has gone into this flick. In the director's chair is Kenneth Branagh, whose proven with ThorCinderella, and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit that he knows how to make a blockbuster. Newcomer Ferdia Shaw is taking the reigns as Artemis, while Judi Dench is co-staring as Commander Root, and Josh Gad as Mulch Diggums.

And if that wasn't enough proof that the film looks like a winner, just take a squiz at the epic teaser trailer.


Artemis Fowl is set to hit Ballarat cinemas in August next year.