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At This Price, This Egg Should Be Made Out Of Gold!

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Now I love my eggs, eggs with tomato, eggs with bacon, eggs sunny side up, but one egg has sparked my curiosity. 

 And it's all the rage over in the U.S.

Tourists are in a tizzy over this one egg and are flocking like birds to the Provisional Kitchen, San Diego, to try it.

The cafe serves up a massive fried breakfast which includes bacon, sausages, tomatoes, some kind of hash, chutneys, toast, avocado and the special ingredient in the centre, an ostrich egg!

Apparently it's equivalent to about 16 chicken eggs.

It's sourced from a farm nearby and it weighs up to 1.3kg, and they serve it the way I like it, sunny side up.

If you are planning on trying it, just know it will cost a pretty penny, US$75 (in Aussie dollars that's A$104).

For more info, click HERE 

Egg picture thanks to PIXABAY