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Ryan Gosling makes a coffee shop owner's dream come true


Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling has a reputation for being one of the nicest - let alone most attractive - men in Hollywood, and one Toronto coffee shop owner was determined to meet him.

When Grinder Coffee owner Joelle Murray found out the Hollywood heartthrob was going to be back in his native Toronto for the city's international film festival, she decided to mount a social media campaign to have Gosling visit the cafe, armed with only a Twitter account and a Ryan Gosling standee.


It's not the first time Joelle has tried to bring a celeb to the cafe - her attempts to lure in Idris Elba were a flop. But this time, the social media campaign started to gather a groundswell and soon Toronto's press were involved.  


 More and more people started getting behind the campaign and the cardboard Ryan Gosling was quickly becoming as popular as the real thing.



Even the mayor got involved.


Then, after a week of hard campaigning, guess who should walk through the door of Grinder Coffee... 



It's fair to assume that Ryan is getting free coffee for the rest of his life.


 Image: Elen Nivrae via Flickr