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CLOVES is Australia's answer to Amy Winehouse


She may be 22 but her voice is proof that age is just a number. 

With lyrics that cut through you like knifes CLOVES is evidence that Australia (more specifically Melbourne) is producing world class talent!

All of the music she's released so far has been a labour of love. "I started working on the album about 3 years ago. I did some writing and I did that for about 2 years, then I spent another year working on the production and the arrangement of songs and now I'm here."

Her latest single "Wasted Time" deals with anxiety and that little voice that lives inside your head. "I think Wasted Time is more of a snapshot of a specific time because it's almost like, I don't know I feel like anxierty is almost a process almost. It's almost a 4 or 5 step plan. You could be at 1 one day and 5 the next. So it's difficualt to say this is exactly what it is. So I think Wasted Time is just a way for me trying to express that up and down feeling." 

CLOVES will be performing at the Northcote Social Club tonight, if you can't get there here's a link to her latest single "Wasted Time" (She actually edited the lyric video herself, talk about one talented person...) 

Check out my full interview with CLOVES below: 

 - Xander