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Ever Wanted A Melbourne Tram In Your Front Yard?


You can have a part of history in your front yard!

They've been retired from Melbourne's tracks and now they're going to be parked in the yards of schools and community groups. 

The Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan has stated, "Over the years trams have transported millions of Victorians, connected our communities and are an integral part of our rich heritage." 

"If they're not going to be used on the network, we want to keep these trams accessible."

They're currently 237 retired trams, and of that number 134 will be made available for public expression of intererst. 

Yes these trams are from Melbourne, but it's still a part of our history. Plus having a tram in your front yard would be kind of cool! 

- Xander 

Image: Andrew Lund/Twitter