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Taylor Swift Opened Up About Kim Kardashian Feud At Reputation Concert

taylor swift

It all started when Kanye interupted her at the VMA's all those years ago...

Taylor kicked off her Reputation Tour in Arazona last night opening up about her fued with Kim Kardashain.

She didn't name any names but heavily hinted at the fued which began with Kanye West's song "Famous" which featured the lyrics "I think me and Taylor might still have sex."

Taylor publicly stated her distate for the song but was caught out when Kim took to social media and posted a phone call between Kanye and Taylor featuring Taylor talking about how she was okay with the song. 

Fans then began calling Taylor a snake, including Kim... 

After heavily hinting about it in her music Taylor has finally spoken about the fued...

Neither parties seem to be innocent in this ongoing saga, but regardless nobody should be made to feel victimised.

C'mon guys you're both adults use your words!

- Xander