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Redheads, Elderly, Bald, You Are Now An Emoji!!!

Canva emojis 2 resized.jpg

I know many around the world are cheering at this news.

Brand new emojis are coming your way!

There's going to be over 150 released and you can thank the Unicode Consortium for them.

All 157 newbies to the block will inlcude hot and cold faces, smiling face with 3 hearts, pleading face, woozy face, there's even going to be redheads in all races just like the superheroes and super-villains, even a pirate flag, tooth and a bone! 

Check out the video below to see them.

Seems you will have to wait until the second half of this year, but I am sure you can hang out till then right?

Emoji strip.jpg

And all up... these new emojis will bring the total count of all emojis to 2,823.


If you want to know more, click HERE

And the Emoji Pic is all thanks to PIXABAY