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Guide To Australian Slang (Just So We Don't Forget)

Aussie slang, maybe some people think that it's dying out, but one pub over in Cairns wants you to not forget our special slang words like Beaut, Spewin and Togs.

The Grand Hotel in Cairns, over in Far North Queensland, has put up a list of Aussie slang words in their pub and it has many people talkin' Straylian again.  

Some people were surprised by some of the words saying that they had never heard of them like spewin or tucker.

Others noticed some slang words were missing like fair dinkum, grouse, schooner and tinny.

Want to learn how to talk Straylian? Learn more HERE

5 Seconds of Summer has taught the world our Aussie slang:  

And remember we will always have Alf Stewart from Home 7 Away (the master of talking straylian), he really loved the word flamin':

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