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TikTok User Compares Maccas Home Delivery Prices & Find Us The Cheapest Service

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If you're like me and prefer your Maccas to be delivered at the best price, well one guy has done the research into which delivery service is the cheapest.   

Zane Lloyd wanted to order a medium Big Mac meal for home delivery but wanted to pay the cheapest price to get it delivered.

So he compared all the major delivery services and he took to TikTok to show us which delivery service actually offered the cheapest price.


Which food delivery app is cheapest? 🍔🤷 ##menulog ##ad ##business ##moneysaving ##food ##mcdonalds ##delivery ##spon

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So who is the cheapest you ask? 

Did somebody say:

Of course prices do vary from city to city.

Even though Menulog is cheapest for Maccas delivery, overall DoorDash is the cheapest food delivery service and you can read more about it HERE

Photo by //">Erik Mclean on Unsplash