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Jennifer Lopez finally reveals who gave her the nickname J.Lo

Nicknames can be cool if they really suit a person, like Tay-Tay for Taylor Swift or what about  J-Lo for Jennifer Lopez? Many have asked the question where did J-Lo come from? J-Lo has finally given us an answer. 

Sometimes we know her as Jennifer Lopez, other times it's Jenny from the Block, and then there's J-Lo, but most of us never knew where the J-Lo nickname came from.

Did you think that it came from Jenny from the Block's fans?

I did but apparently that's a NEGATIVE! 

It actually came from rapper Heavy D.

According to Jennifer.

Jennifer said in a recent interview with InStyle that, quote: 'The name J.Lo came from [the late rapper] Heavy D. He used to come by the studio for my first album [On the 6, 1999] and would call me Jenny-Lo, Jennifer-Lo, or J.Lo,'

She liked it so much that she called her second album J.Lo, and the nickname just stuck after that.

So much so there are clothing and perfume lines and a new skincare collection all called J.Lo as well. 

And maybe this app as well???


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