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Trump Bags Out Biden During Wedding Speech

Can you imagine, you just got married, you're having fun at your reception, then it's time for the speeches, maybe you're feeling nervous cause someone could be a bit drunk and might say something silly, but instead, you get Donald Trump whingeing into the microphone. 

That's what happened to John Arrigo and Megan Noderer.

They decided to get married Saturday just gone.

They celebrated their nuptials at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Next minute, from out of the blue, ex-pres Donald Trump gets a hold of a microphone and delivers one of his speeches, that goes for about for about two-and-half minutes.

The speech mind you was more of a long-winded complaint.

Some of his complaints include:  

  • President Joe Biden
  • Iran
  • China
  • Immigration
  • The election (the one he lost)
  • He even asked the crowd if they missed him
  • And then near the end, he finally spoke to the couple who just got married

My questions are, who invited him? Did he just gate-crash? Is he friends of the nearly married couple? Was he meant to give a speech? Was he there for the free drinks and food? WHO GAVE HIM A MICROPHONE??? 


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