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Thousands Of Spiders Are On The Move In NSW & I Am Freaking Out

All I can say right now is "nope nope nope"!!!

As you know there has been a lot of rain in NSW and QLD and this has prompted certain creatures to find dry land, or one guy's fence.   

Matt Lovenfosse, and his family, live on a property in Kinchela Creek (NSW), and they have been inundated with thousands of spiders after the recent heavy rain. 

They showed the world just how many spiders there were on the Today show this morning (Wednesday march 24).

Even though Matt is ok with these new guests, Karl Stefanovic freaked out.

I'm freaking out!

But wait, there's more, Matt made his own film of spiders, spiders, spiders, everywhere.

Some of the replies to Matt's video were funny:

  • This is how our grandparents went to school back in the days
  • Me Screaming manicly while you hear flame thrower sounds
  • I triple dog dare the cameraman to look down at their legs right now. I'd say from a spider's perspective those legs are high ground 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

One spider is all that it takes to freak me out!


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