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Social Media Helped This Rapper's CDs To Become The “Most Stolen”

Want to know who the most "stolen" artist is? I would never have picked it that's for sure!

If you really want any copies of Aussie rapper Kerser's music (in the form of CD's), just note that if you go into JB Hi-Fi, you'll be greeted with a special warning, due to Kerser's CD's being dubbed "the most stolen". 

And it's been going on for some time.

After being rejected by those in the music industry, Kerser turned to Facebook, YouTube and the like, to get his music out there, this in turn, turned him into the one that most wanted to pocket and not pay for. 

Kerser says he never wanted fans to steal his music even though back in 2014, it seems told people who, quote: “can’t afford my album” to “go to stores and f'ing dack one”.

Here's sample of his work, WARNING, THERE IS SWEARING:

You can hear his full interview, and yes, THERE IS SWEARING:

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