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Calendar Baby Names Are Super Popular Right Now

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Expecting soon and you need some inspiration when it comes to picking a baby name? Well there's some new names on the block (even though they have been around for a very long time.)

Are you ready for the trendiest baby names making their rounds right now?

Well here we go!

Sunday, Wednesday, August, June, Winter, Autumn.

They are calendar-inspired names and you can even use January, May, April, August, even Tuesday is on the list.

And you can thank the celebs for the surge in these types of names.

Mandy Moore and Princess Eugenie have both named their new-borns August.

New daddy, Rupert Grint's little girl is called Wednesday. 

Grant Denyer and wife Shezzi's third daughter is called Sunday and even Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a Sunday in their family.

Alanis Morisette's son is called Winter Mercy. 

So why use a Calendar baby name? According to Mum Central:

  • It adds another meaning to your child’s name
  • Maybe it's the month you conceived
  • Maybe it's the month you found out you were pregnant
  • Maybe it's to commemorate your little one’s day of birth
  • Or maybe it's to celebrate someone in your life who may have passed, a wedding anniversary, the loss of a rainbow baby, a grandparent’s birthday or some other meaning all together

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