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Want Something New On Pizza? Jamie's Secret Ingredient Is Kinda Like WHAT???

I love pineapple on pizza and I have had banana on pizza, I have also seen kiwi fruit go on pizza, but this next ingredient (thanks to Jamie Olivier) has left viewers going "ewwwwww"! 

Jamie Olivier's latest UK TV show is called Keep Cooking Family Favourites.

Jamie's son Buddy watches his dad create different dishes each episode and the latest creation was Speedy Sausage Pizza.

Then came Jamie's secret ingredient, GRAPES!

If you're thinking 'what the fruit tingles', well Jamie says that, quote: "rosemary combined with the fruit are a “match made in heaven”.

Personally I could have done without that onion!

Jamie's grapes on a pizza left some viewers wishing he'd bring back pineapple. 

  • “The most shocking thing I’ve heard tonight: Jamie Oliver put grapes on a pizza. With sausages. That’s enough. I’m out.
  • “Absolutely disgusted watching Jamie Oliver putting grapes on pizza.”

I love the fact that Jamie even did a poll on his Twitter page about grapes on pizza:

Some viewers on the other hand tried his recipe and were pleasantly surprised:

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