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Only In Australia!

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This is one of those videos where you have no idea what's going but you watch it anyway.

A TikTok video has gone viral after a TikTok user recorded a guy, casually walking down the street, with a yellow bird perched on his shoulder and a snake being held in his hand- hanging down.

The guy gets to a traffic light, where he proceeds to place the snake on the ground, presses the button, then picks the snake back up and waits for the lights to change.

Many have described this as the most Australian thing they have seen all weekend, others were like "What The???": 

Heidi Hilton'Straya
Barossa Observer - That snake is way chiller about that sort of handling than mine ever was ...
Neil McMahon - Oh my goodness me.
dazzle8 It’s actually quite cruel to treat a snake like that...
Je Suis Charlie - fake. probably a pet. Also clearly doing it for the attention
Cyberknife4Oz Walkies
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Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay