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'Sorry love, ate your food'.

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Can you imagine being so hungry, you get onto Uber Eats, order that meal that you have desired for sometime now, sit and wait for it, and in the end, only to be told that someone else ate it. That's exactly what has happened over in London.

On Saturday just gone, Illy Ilyas was feeling peckish so she jumped onto Uber Eats and ordered two burgers, chips and a chicken wrap from Bim's in Ilford, east London. 

Once her food was on the way, she got a message telling her that, then she got another one saying that the driver was near.

She even checked the app and saw that her food had been delivered and did she want to give the driver a tip!

But the thing is, there was no food.

Next minute, she gets a message saying "Sorry love, ate your food".

After that, Illy contacted Uber Eats and got a some food delivered for free. 


She even refused to blame the driver, saying, quote: "Maybe he was really hungry. I wouldn't want to be the reason a peckish man gets unemployed in a pandemic." 

And she said that she found the whole thing funny. 

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