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Organised Mother Has Her Kids Christmas Presents Ready For Christmas

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One mum has basically got Christmas 2021 all wrapped up!

This Aussie mum has 2 kids: a nine-year-old daughter and a seven year old son, and it seems that their Christmas presents are already purchased, wrapped and stashed in the house, ready for 2021 Christmas.

Super organised mother-of-two has already bought and wrapped her kids' Christmas presents - 11 MONTHS early Super...

Posted by Latest USA News on Monday, February 1, 2021

She even saved money to boot.

How you ask:

  • Well first she started shopping for her kids last year
  • She buys a lot of clearance items (she says she never pays full price and only buys things on sale)
  • She has also purchased a lot of Easter clearance items last year, which she will use this year

In her Chrissie pressie stash, there are things like stockings, advent calendars, Santa stuff, even books and DVDs, festive dinner sets, plush toys, colouring in books, coloured markers and get this, a milkshake mason jar! Seems she has a lot covered in this lot.

She even hides them where her kids will never find them like on top of their wardrobes (most kids can't reach the top you see), also the stockings (mentioned above) are hidden in an Aldi bag in her wardrobe.

Most people seem to be impressed with this mum's super organisation skills, saying things like: 

  • 'How are you so super organised? I need to get on the organisation train. I haven't even thought about Easter and my kids' birthdays which are all in the first half of the year.' 
  • 'I'm still not over last year's Christmas headache and you've moved on to the next. I wish I could prep this early but I procrastinate way too much.'
  • 'I still have the tree up from last Christmas. Maybe I can just leave it up and look really prepared for this Christmas.'

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Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay