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Reasons Why GF Is ‘Upset’ With BF Has Gone Viral!

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Sometimes in life, you just can't control things like the weather, or a huge line up in the drive thru at your favourite fast food joint, but when these things happen and you get the blame, I suppose you can't help that as well! Like this poor guy has discovered.

Drenzell Macam is a 20 year old guy from Brisbane who just can't do anything right by his girlfriend.

The poor guy cops the blame for so many things that are totally out of his control.

Except one thing, he can control what he puts onto TikTok, and when it comes to his GF being mad at him for no reason, I must say, his videos are quite funny.


my bad, i’ll be a better person next time x ##beachvibes ##fyp ##foryou ##donthaveagf ##cats

♬ original sound - Drenzell Macam

part 2 ##fyp ##foryou ##donthaveagf ##australia

♬ original sound - Drenzell Macam

Just so you know, Drenzell is apparently in the “doghouse” for sharing the lists.

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