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Terrifying Find In Gingerbread House

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Imagine being so hungry you get ready to rip open your Gingerbread House (that's in a box) only to discover it's not Santa or reindeer "living" inside the box, but something actually alive instead.

Well that's what happened to one mum over in Sydney.

Katie Gompertz (is her name) and she was feeling peckish, so without her kids noticing, she tried to sneak in an evening snack Monday night, only to find a giant spider stuck inside the box with an egg sack.

Wait Woolworths this isn’t what I ordered? 😂😂😂😂 Only in Australia, only in #2020 Buy a readymade gingerbread house...

Posted by Katie Gompertz on Monday, December 14, 2020

After posting the pictures online, a member of Woolworths’ contacted her and promised to replace the gingerbread treat.

Thing is, Katie reckons she is too scared to put it back in her car and drive to Woolies, because it's huge!

So they said they will come and get it off her and give her a new Gingerbread House (minus the spider).

Some of the responses on Facebook have been hilarious:

Elle Morgan-Thomas - Omfg!!! Complete with egg sack so it's been in there a long while!!! Who the hell packed that order?!?
Lyns Recz -It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!
Katie Gompertz - 2020 in the bin, with the gingerbread!
Jul Smith😂😂😂 she has an egg sac as well. You're going to be a grandma 
Katie Gompertz
Mariko Smith - I say go back to just eating Quality Street, 
Katie  😲
Jul SmithHome ownership is tough y'all. She just wants somewhere to raise her babies