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Dutch Pharmacy Company's Christmas Ad Goes Viral Due To Its Sweet Message

A Christmas commercial made by Dutch pharmaceutical company, DocMorris, has not only gone viral this year but it also has been hailed 'the best this year', and after watching it, I can see why!

The clip was actually created by German agency Jung von Matt, and it was made for DocMorris's 'Take care' campaign (there are other videos in this campaign), and even though DocMorris was formed in the Netherlands, the company's main market is over in Germany.

Now back to the commercial, it goes for about 2 minutes and 40 seconds and shows an elderly man, who looks to be living in insolation due to Covid-19, and while he is alone, he starts to use a kettlebell to build up his strength, much to the amusement of his neighbours and confusion of his family.  

Some days seem hard for this man, but he finds motivation in a photo, but you have to watch the end of the video to see who that is.

It's not in English but the story comes across loud and clear, and like many others, while watching it, I cried, a lot.

Dutch ad 1

Dutch ad 2

Dutch ad 3 

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