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If You Want More Tinder Matches, Take Up Certain Sports

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Looking for love on Tinder but so far, nothing? Well maybe it has to do with what "sports" you have or have not mentioned that's stopping you from finding your one true love.

If you are struggling to find people to swipe right on your Tinder profile, it could be your choice of sport according to the latest study.

New research (commissioned by online retailer and conducted via Tinder has revealed some interesting facts.

First up:

  • They created dating profiles for both men and women and used six different sports
  • These sports included running, cycling, yoga, weightlifting, climbing and hiking
  • The models were then photographed taking part in each of the sports
  • The number of matches gained from 200 swipes were then collated to see which of the 6 sports were considered to be the most "right swiped" by others

And the winners are:

  • Men who do yoga are most likely to get the swipe right from women
  • Women who love bike riding seem to be preferred by men 

Some of the runners up for women are:

  • Running (which came in second place)
  • No one likes hiking these days as hiking was considered the least ‘match-worthy’ sport out of all 6 

Some of the runners up for men are:

  • Weightlifting (came a close second)
  • In at third place was cycling 
  • And poor ole hiking seems to be the least attractive sport 

For the rest of the findings, click HERE

Image by Solen Feyissa from Pixabay