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Google's List Of Things We Searched For In 2020 Has Been Released

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Apparently we're a race of humans who like to Google things. How do I know that? Because someone has created some top 10 lists of things we googled this year.

Looks like we love our internet, it gives us answers to so many things, and since many of us were in lockdown this year, or just had questions we wanted answered, we took to the internet in droves and googled lots of topics like coronavirus, how to make sanitizer, how to make a face mask, how to apply for JobKeeper, where can I buy toilet paper, how many people can I have in my house, DIY scrunchie holder, even DIY toilet paper. 

Google then decided to compile some lists of what we googled just this year alone and it's not that surprising when you check them out.

Here's a couple:  

Overall Searches
News Topics

 Global Public Figures

And seriously there are a heap more lists that were compiled, check them out HERE 

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