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Score Free Domino’s Pizza For 60 Years But There Is A But

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Wouldn't you love to get your hands on free Domino’s Pizza? Wouldn't you love the chance to get that free pizza for like 60 years? Well you could, but there is a catch!

Domino’s is celebrating its 60th birthday and wants to give away 60 years worth of free pizza to mark the occasion. 


But the catch is that the lucky family who wins this amazing delicious stash MUST have a baby named Dominic or Dominque, who was born in Australia on Wednesday, December 9. 

Domino’s will give the equivalent of a $14 pizza every month for 60 years to the winning family (according to sources that’s $10,080 worth of pizza).

So if you love Domino’s and have a baby named Dominic or Dominque who was born in Australia on Wednesday, December 9, you have to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You will also be asked to present a certified birth certificate for verification at some stage.

Here's some trivia about Domino’s:

  • It was founded in Michigan on December 9, 1960, by brothers Tom and James Monaghan
  • The brothers had actually purchased a pizza restaurant called ‘DomiNick’s’ 
  • It was later rebranded as Domino’s
  • Domino’s has been in Australia for 37 years
  • Their first Aussie store was in Springwood, Queensland (it opened in1983) 
  • Domino’s actually has over 2700 stores across nine countries

The winner will be notified via the phone and that's when the birth certificate will need to be shown to prove the baby's name and birth date (this will need to be done by January 30, 2021).


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