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Nine Woolworths Stores Are Trialling A Cashless System

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For a while now most of us haven't really been using cash, and after seeing this story, I think we'll be kissing cash goodbye soon!

When Covid struck, we were asked to try and not use cash anymore (to help stop the spread of Coronavirus), just our cards or phones to make payments.

For most of us, that was ok.

For some elderly folk, it's a bit harder for them to stop using cash to pay for things as learning computers/mobile phones/shopping online and the like can be daunting for them, so they stick to cash payments.     

But now with this news, it looks like cash will soon be disappearing from our wallets and purses sooner than we thought.

Since July, Nine Woolworths stores in Melbourne and Sydney have been using a completely cashless system on a trial basis.   

These stores have seen less and less cash payments being made over a period of time so trialling the all electronic payments system seemed like a good idea.

Another store at Bondi Junction, Harris Farm, has also stopped accepting cash. 

No word as to when this system will be in place in the rest of Woolies stores, but it's only a matter of time.  

And I am sure many other stores will follow suit.

For more on the story, click HERE

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