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Air Taxis Are Set To Fly The Skies In 2022, Just Not In Oz, Yet!

Imagine catching a taxi, but not one that uses the road to get about, one that flies in the sky!

Back in 1962, The Jetsons appeared on our tv screens and wow, the future was there for us to see, especially with it comes to flying cars.

And flying cars are about to become a reality, just in the form of a flying taxi, and not here in Oz sadly, but over in Spain.

Spain's air navigation authority Enaire has announced that it is planning to use a flying taxi service in the next couple of years.

But first they have to hold a demonstration in Barcelona in 2022.

The air taxis will operate in Catalan city, as well as Santiago de Compostela, with other plans including flying taxis in urban areas and drones to deliver packages.

But Spain isn't the only country to have flying taxis, over in the UK, Bristol-based designers Vertical Aerospace has unveiled their designs for an all-electric 'flying taxi' that will be able to carry up to four passengers from London to Brighton.

Called the 'VA-1X', the zero-emission flyer will use Formula 1 tech and will travel as fast as 150 miles per hour.

Commercial flights are expected to begin in 2024.

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FYI back to The Jetsons- the original cartoon had many devices that did not exist at the time but subsequently have been invented since like the flat screen tv, newspaper on a computer-like screen, a computer virus, video chat, a tanning bed, home treadmill and so much more.


And flying cars do already exist with many prototypes being built since the early 20th century.

Check out Japan's SD-03, yes it's more like a large drone than a flying car, but it is the beginning of something really cool!