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Due To Covid, Aus Post Has Set Delivery Deadlines For Xmas & Santa Letters

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If you're planning on ordering or mailing pressies for Christmas, you might want to make sure you don't do it last minute, or it might not turn up in time.

Australia Post wants to make sure you get your online purchases and presents delivered in time for Christmas, so they have suggested that:

  • For parcels to arrive before Christmas Day, Aus Post recommends you get these deliveries in by December 12
  • For express Post deliveries, you have until December 19 to be safe

Before Covid, many people (metro) were lucky to get their deliveries within two to three business days, but these days, as many spent time at home shopping online, has created issues with timelines, and let's not forget that that Victorian processing facilities were reduced to just a third because of lockdown and many stores were closed during certain periods. 

And get this, just In August alone, Australia Post delivered 600,000 more parcels than the same month last year.

With Christmas coming up, Aus Post is expecting its busiest delivery season yet, even though they are hiring 4000 more people to help with the increase of deliveries.

Australia Post’s Executive General Manager of Business Gary Starr wants to encourage you to leave enough time in between receiving an online order, wrapping it, adding a card and then re-posting it.

The other thing, if your children are writing letters to Santa at the North Pole, Aus Post has asked that you get them in by November 26, just so Santa has enough time to reply to them before Christmas.


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