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Bride-To-Be Demands “Application Essay” From ALL Invitees

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Covid-19 has seen some people cancel their big day, but others have decided to go ahead just with some changes, like less people on the invite list. But how do you cut down that list? One up coming bride found a way that left her sister shocked.

One sister of a bride-to-be took to Reddit to show the world how her sister was going to cut down her list of invites to her upcoming wedding.

It included an “application essay”.

Bride essay 1

Bride essay 2

The bride-to-be even wrote “People who don’t write the essays at all will be automatically disqualified.”


Seems many were also not happy with this "application" process!

Bride essay 3

Bride essay 4

Bride essay 5

And my favourite:

Bride essay 6



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