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A Feel Good Drawing Comp For The Young

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Have your kids been busy during lock down creating art? Maybe they could enter it into "drawingthegood".

Youth Facilitators Brodie Kamp and Keegan Guidotti (with the City Of Ballarat) are both artists and have "spearheaded" an amazing Instagram Art Challenge/Competition for kids.

It's called #drawingthegood and they would love to see artwork created by young people (aged between 12 and 25) who have a passion for art.

It's other purpose is to encourage young creatives to look after their mental health and well being by reflecting on the good things that can be drawn from the lock down as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

The 3 main subjects to draw the inspiration from are CHANGE, HOPE and FUTURE, and the challenge/competition will finish up tomorrow (Friday July 31st).

So parents, if your kids have been busy the past few months creating art while in lock down that might focus on the 3 points, have a look through it all and see if your child would love to enter the competition before it closes.  

All they have to do to enter is tag their work on Instagram, use the hashtag #drawingthegood and also add @ballaratyouthservices.

The entries will be featured on the Ballarat Youth Services social channels.

ABOUT THE YOUTH FACILITATORS PROGRAM: It is a State funded program through Engage. The program provides the opportunity for young people to demonstrate their abilities, strengths, and leadership qualities by sharing their passion, talents and skills with other young people.  The program helps to create both volunteering opportunities and employment pathways for young people in our community.

Here's Brodie (pictured with his sister) and Keegan wearing her mask- photos supplied by City of Ballarat. 

Brodie on the Left Keegan

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay