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One Pizza Company Wants To Take Back “The Name Karen” By Giving 100 Karens Free Pizza!

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Calling all Karens, if you are a nice Karen, there's a chance you could win some free pizza thanks to Dominos!

As you know, somewhere, someone started as a joke about a woman called Karen who wants to speak to the manager, and somehow Karen became a name synonymous for entitled middle-aged white women.

Recently these bad Karens have been videoing themselves doing stuff like having a go at staff in Bunnings because they refuse to wear a mask when entering the store, and there's been other cases out there, way too many to go into.

Thing is, most of these women are not called Karen, and that's why Dominos has decided to reward the real nice Karens out there.

Domino’s is giving away pizza to 100 Australians named Karen before Friday (July 31), and if you're a Karen, just visit and upload a copy of your photo ID and tell Domino’s in 250 words or less why you are one of the “nice” ones.

Domino's released a statement saying, quote: “Well, today we’re taking the name Karen back. At Domino’s, we’re all about bringing people together and we want to celebrate all the great Karens out there by shouting them a free pizza!”

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