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Dangers Of Moving To Australia And It's Not Spiders Or Snakes Or Miley Cyrus!

Need inspiration for our TikTok Talent Show that starts up on Monday (July 13), maybe these ideas will help!

Well one video by Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson just went viral, so maybe you might use this as inspiration:

Or mabye you might go down another line ands use humour like Jordana Grace did.

Jordana moved from Britain to Oz (not sure when) but it seems she wasn't warned about the dangers of Kmart, so she created a TikTok video to let others know what to look out for.


Things they should tell you before moving to Australia: Part 5! ##australia ##fyp ##foryoupage ##kmart ##sexy ##comedy ##britishgirlinanaussieworld ##50cent

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One person did mention that Jordana was an “official Aussie” now that she's addicted to Kmart.

For more on the story, click HERE

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