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Face To Face Allows Tinder Users To Go On Virtual First Dates

If you're looking for love during Covid-19 (but as you know dating is really hard right now with social distancing), well Tinder has introduced a new feature that could help!

It's called Face to Face, and it means you can talk to someone via video chat, you can even set it up like a date, you just won't be sitting across a table from each other.

A couple of things:

  • It doesn’t require you to exchange your private phone number
  • It is rolling out as a test in 13 countries, which includes Australia, Brazil, France and also in the US in Virginia, Illinois, Georgia, and Colorado
  • Not all members will have access to Face to Face just yet though, just a select group, as this stage is more of a test to see how it goes and functions before they roll it out everywhere

Face to Face is also a bit different to the normal video chat that you might be used to:

  • Both people have to opt in to the call to make it happen
  • You can opt out at any time
  • Before calling, both people have to agree to keep the call PG (so that means no naughty stuff like nudity, sexual content, no references to hate speech, violence, or illegal activities
  • Once the call starts, the screen will split in half, so you can see yourself and the other person
  • Once finished, you can say whether you would like to have another call with the other person plus you can report them if they did something inappropriate

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