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Sharp rise in dog attacks


Dog attacks are on the rise in Ararat according to the local rural council

16 have been reported since the coronavirus restrictions were put in place including one attack that injured a person.
The incidents also include one dog that had to be euthanised after attacking livestock, and three dogs that had to be treated by a vet for puncture wounds and lacerations that required stitches after being attacked by other dogs.
Councils CEO Dr. Tim Harrison says it appears more dogs are out because more people are at home.
“Under Council’s local law, dog owners must have control over their dogs at all times while out walking – this effectively means having them on a leash at all times. If you cannot control your dog even when it is on a leash, you should not be taking it for a walk.” said Mr. Harrison.
Under legislation, Council has the power to issue fines for each incident of up to $990 to owners and order the euthanising of dogs that attack people and other animals. Owners could also be subject to court action and other costs such as vet or medical bills.

Image by Jo Wiggijo from Pixabay