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Council clarifies role of bin inspectors

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The City of Ballarat has clarified the role of their so-called recycling bin inspectors.

Council says the contracted workers, who have the official title of Kerbside Recycling Officers, exist to help educate residents, not rummage through the bins. 

In a statement, the City of Ballarat says their role is provide an opportunity for residents to have a discussion when it comes to recycling in Ballarat, or ask any questions they may have.

Council notes that the officers do inspect the contents of the items at the top of recycling bins prior to collection to help stop possible glass contamination, but they do not rummage through them.

For residents who are unsure about the changes, or what is permitted to go in their yellow lidded bins, council encourages locals to visit, or follow the phrase of "if in doubt, take it out". 

Image via City of Ballarat - Twitter.