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Teen to be recognised by Ballarat High School for selfless act

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Local teenager Liam Algie will be recognised in front of his peers today for helping a lost toddler find his mother yesterday.

The 13 year old was riding his bike to school when he saw the three year old alone, before calling police and staying with the boy while police arrived and helped find the child's parents.

Police praised Liam for his good deed and got in contact with staff at the Ballarat High School to say how impressed they were with him.

Now with the school term about to finish, Liam will be awarded the Upstander Award at a year level assembly today for standing up and helping other people.

Assistant Principal to years 7 to 9, Shane Mathison, says they will recognise the achievements of their students throughout the school term, and Liam will be one of them for his efforts that have warmed the hearts of many Ballarat locals. 

Meantime, Liam says he was just doing the right thing, and didn't think that his actions would result in such an outpour of community support.

He added that his teachers understood why he was later to school than usual when he explained how his morning had unfolded, while Assistant Principal Mathison says Liam will see out the rest of the school term without receiving detention for being late to class. 

Image via Film Victoria.