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Near misses prompts black ice reminder from police

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Police are reminding locals to drive to the conditions after another car rollover due to black ice yesterday.

It happened just before 8am yesterday where a car towing a trailer rolled due to the slippery conditions on Justices Road near Trentham.

It's the same stretch of road close to where a truck rolled after hitting black ice last week. 

Locals are being reminded to avoid sudden movements if you come across the black ice, including limiting heavy braking and chansing lanes, instead lifting your foot off the accelerator gently.

Other precautions drivers are advised to take is turning on their hazard lights, and slowing down to at least 40km/h.

Black ice is often seen around Ballarat and surrounding areas during periods when the temperature dips below freezing.

Frosty mornings are expected to ease for a week, with the Bureau of Meteorology's forecasts looking at single digit overnight temperatures, but not dipping below 2 degrees until next Monday at the earliest.