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Toxic gas plume clears over Bacchus Marsh CBD

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The centre of Bacchus Marsh has been hit by a toxic gas scare this morning (Tue 15 Mat 2018),  closing roads and preventing some people from getting to their workplaces.

The gas leak was reported around 8.30am and police immdiately closed off Gell St at both ends.

The nearby Bacchus Marsh Villege Shopping Centre remained open, although its carpark entrance on Main Street was blocked off for a short time.

Steve Creese from Arbee Real Estate says the source appears to be in an area behind a medical centre and a uniform shop.

Bacchus Marsh Police say the problem was caused by a passing truck damaging a gas regulator.

A toxic gas plume advice warning has been issued for the Bacchus Marsh and Darley areas.

As of 11am, Gell Street was re-opened to traffic.