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Threatened species found near Daylesford

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Meet the 'Dunny Brush Possum' ...

Brush-tailed Phascogales or Tuans are a threatened species in Victoria, but a healthy colony of at least five have been found in the Wombat State Forest / Hepburn Regional Park area.

DEWLP and land management students from Federational University have recorded 3 males and 2 females intheir latest annual monitoring program. They also noted the mature animals had a healthy gene pool.

Parks Victoria Ranger Kyra Windruss (below) says locals living ner the Wombat State Forest or Hepburn Regional Park can keep the Phascogales safe by keeping dogs and cats inside at night and by retaining old trees and logs that have hollows.

The species is famed for protecting itself from owls and other predators by 'fluffing out' its tail at short notice. It means swooping birds catch a claw full of fur rather than the marsupial itself.

Tuans have also been found in recent years around Mt Egerton and the Brisbane Ranges.

Kyra Winduss Parks Victoria Ranger Team Leader holding a Brush tailed Phascogale. may 2018

WOMBAT STATE FOREST HEPBURNJ PARK brush tailed phascogale tuan may 2018 DEWLP