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MP slams State Govt for Lucas error

lucas in melbourne 2018 05 14 14.33.07

Ripon State Liberal MP Louise Staley has slammed the Andrews Government, for apparently not knowing where the Ballarat suburb of Lucas is.

A media release on Friday indicated it was one of eight new Melbourne schools being fast-tracked for design and construction.

The suburb was named after the Lucas Clothing company, which fundraised to create a monument for local defence personnel who served in WW1. Staff were the driving force behind Ballarat's Arch of Victory and Avenue of Honour.

Ms Staley says it is "further proof of how Melbourne centric the Andrews Labor Government has become.

“Lucas is located in Ballarat in country Victoria, claiming Lucas is in Melbourne shows that the Andrews Government only cares about the city. 

“Lucas is not in Melbourne, James Merlino needs to jump on Google Maps and do his research.”

** Meanwhile a Melbourne media outlet has been criticised on social media for describing Maryborough as being "in Melbourne's North West" in an online article.

The regional centre is 170km from Melbourne's CBD.