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Winter bushfire in Scarsdale

fire orange emergency burning

4.45pm update 

The blase was brought under control around 4pm. 

It has burnt an estimated 8ha and crews remain on scene in windy conditions.

4pm update --- 

At least 10 CFa trucks are at a fire which has burnt at least 8ha near the Glenelg Hwy, west of the Scarsdale township.

Firefighters have been called in from Haddon, Ballarat City, Smythesdale, Cape Clear, Linton, Miners rest, Glen Park and Snake Valley.

The blaze was reported as a grassfire at 2.15pm (Thu 10 Aug). It began near Basin Rd and is now under control.

Police have also been called to the scene.

It comes after a 12.45pm fire on Slaty Creek Rd in the Creswick Regional Park, where Creswick CFA volunteers had to extinguish an out-of-control campfire in windy conditions.   DEWLP was notified but said it did not need to attend.