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Neuron Mobility launches campaign for Road Safety Week


A campaign to teach against irresponsible e-scooter riding has been launched for road safety week.

Neuron Mobility, which oversees Ballarat’s scooter network, has launched a series of short videos across social media.

The light-hearted messages encourage consideration of others… particularly the blind, wheelchair users and the elderly.

Partnering with Blind Citizens Australia (BCA) and Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) the campaign explores community perspectives around e-scooter use and highlights how responsible use of e-scooters, including good parking, not riding on footpaths and maintaining a safe distance from other shared path users can improve safety outcomes and reassure the entire community. 

To support this campaign, Neuron in consultation with BCA, has created a range of rider education materials and parking guidelines to help raise awareness of the importance of safe and responsible riding.

Richard Hannah, Head of Australia and New Zealand, Neuron Mobility says it is great initiative.

“The vast majority of Neuron riders ride responsibly, however, Road Safety Week is a great opportunity to enhance and reinforce our efforts in promoting and ensuring safe and responsible riding across all the cities and towns we operate in.” 

Watch the videos at https://www.rideneuron.com/


Image: Neuron