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"Bewilderment' at Ballarat Base helipad restrictions


A woman who campaigned for years for a helipad has expressed bewilderment over landing restrictions at the Ballarat Base Hospital.

It comes after local media reported the air ambulance can only use the elevated landing site in certain weather conditions due to downdraft impacts on surrounding properties.
Carole Simmons who took up the campaign in 2001 after her husband had to be airlifted from the Western Oval, says the restrictions undo years of hard work.
"I think it's kind of trivialising what we tried to do for all those years."
"I've got first hand experience with myself in the first place and then my husband."
"I'm just really disappointed and feel a bit sad really," Ms Simmons said.
The helipad was launched in July 2015 and takes around an hour off an emergency trip to Melbourne by road.
Image: Victorian Government / Department of Health