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Western Freeway speedster clocked at more than 70K/ph over limit


A man can expect to lose his driver’s licence for 12 months after being caught allegedly speeding and drug driving in Ballarat last night.

State Highway Patrol officers were patrolling the Western Freeway when they detected a Mazda Tribute SUV allegedly traveling at 173km/h in a 100km zone about 6pm.

Police intercepted the vehicle and the 33-year-old driver underwent an oral fluid test which returned a positive result.

The Buninyong man had his licence immediately suspended and his car was impounded for 30 days at a cost of $1475.

He is also expected to be charged on summons with exceeding the speed limit, driving at a speed dangerous to the public and drug driving.

This intercept forms part of Operation Amadeus, an ongoing operation targeting speeding and impaired drivers in rural areas of Victoria.




Image: Victoria Police