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Survival Day dawn ceremony set to proceed - Covid style


Whilst debate continues as to where Ballarat's cancelled Australia Day fireworks may end up the second Survival Day dawn ceremony is planned for tomorrow.

Co-Chair of KEAG (the Ballarat Koori Engagement Action Group) Jon Kanoa says the ceremony from 5.30am at Lake Wendouree's View Point is a chance to bring the community together to start the day off on a meaningful, healing and respectful journey to acknowledge people who fought for a better life for us today.

Mayor Cr Daniel Moloney described the dawn Survival Day ceremony as an incredibly special ceremony, acknowledging for many it was a day of mixed emotions, and for Aboriginal Australians, a day of profound hurt.

“January 26 is a time to pause and reflect on what it means to live in this great land. It’s a time to remember our history, the good and the bad,” he said.

Ballarat City Council will hold its Citizenship Ceremony on January 26 this year and in 2022 will introduce a new intercultural community event to promote understanding, respect and reconciliation.

The Ballarat community is invited to watch the 2021 Survival Day Dawn Ceremony and to upload images of themselves watching the livestream to the KEAG Facebook page.

The livestream can be viewed via the following link: https://bit.ly/2VZXBsA


Image: City of Ballarat

Due to Covid restrictions the event will be live streamed with crowds told to stay away.