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Lake Burrumbeet rule changes to be discussed


Community workshops on proposed waterway rule changes at Lake Burrumbeet have been planned.

Two sessions will be held at the Burrumbeet Ski Club next Thursday at 2pm and 6pm. Sessions will run for around 90 minutes each. The workshops follow online engagement via the City of Ballarat’s mysay platform in November. 
The workshops will be led by facilitators from the RCMG group, and will include presentations from Maritime Safety Victoria, as well as the opportunity for participants to ask questions and provide feedback about proposed changes to waterway use. 
The proposed changes are designed to bring lake usage in line with the Marine Safety Act 2010.

The proposed changes include ;


  • Access points - The entry ramp west of the Lake Burrumbeet Ski and Boat Club will be retained with an access lane to the east of the ramp. Proposed changes include closure of a current ramp considered unsafe and a boat size limit placed on a smaller ramp to comply with the Marine Safety Act 2010.  

  • Speed limits - A new 40-knot limit is proposed in the southern section for tow-sports such as water-skiing, wakeboarding and jet skis towing skiers, tubes and biscuits, and a 5-knot limit in the northern section to provide a safe area for activities such as canoeing, fishing and wind powered vessels. This mostly reflects current practice, as there are large areas of shallow waters in the northern section, as well as obstacles such as submerged rocks and trees that can be dangerous to fast vessels.  

  • Water levels - Informal rules regarding water level variation are being introduced as official rules. When lake levels are less than 1.7m the whole lake would be subject to a 5-knot speed restriction, except where vessels are prohibited. When lake levels are less than 1.2m all vessels will be prohibited.  

  • Prohibited areas - There are no changes to areas which are prohibited to vessels at all times. The existing prohibited areas protect users from shallow waters, submerged rocks and trees which can be dangerous to lake users.  


Bookings are not required but attendees will need to register their attendance via a QR code.  

Image: City of Ballarat